W365Logo_3_Devices-home1In Workspace 365 you control all your email, documents and business processes like project management or activities from one central starting point. By integrating apps in the workspace you’ll be able to log in once and open any app, both web- and local apps, with one click. The intuitive user-interface gives more structure and simplicity to technologies like Office 365 or Exchange & SharePoint. Do all your work using one workspace!

  • Ability to create individual or company-wide workspaces
  • Email and document management
  • Single Sign-On web apps
  • Add unlimited shortcuts to your favourite sites
  • Desktop Experience with simple structure
  • Unlock the power of SharePoint
  • Use of Office Web Apps
  • Ability to add Business Apps
  • Rebrand the workspace for your organisation
  • Log in from any device at any time

Email_Link-smallThe intuitive interface in Workspace 365 makes email a lot easier. To make sure that you will find your emails even quicker it is possible to link email to Business Apps, for example, link an emails to an activity or project. This allows you to open linked emails within a second while working on a project. And of course, all your files will be available both on- and offline

Edit_Documents_in_workspace_365By integrating SharePoint as an underlying technology for the storage and using the interface from Workspace 365 on top of it employees will be able to easily access, edit and send files from any device using a browser. The simplicity allows employees to use Workspace 365 directly, without any training.

SingleSignOnDo you still need a separate tool which we can’t build using our Business Apps? No problem! You can add web apps to your Workspace and access all these apps with one click using Single Sign-On via Windows Azure or ADFS. This way you save time on logging in to web apps and so the web apps will become more efficient. Next to this you can easily add tiles to news sites specific for your business.

Legacy_Access-smallYou don’t have to go to the cloud all at once. There are companies who still need, for example, legacy Windows applications. Therefore we give you the opportunity to open these local or remote apps from your Workspace. This makes Workspace 365 a hybrid workspace for each type of employee. By adding Remote Desktop Apps you create one central starting point! With Workspace 365 you can start selling the future in combination with what you are selling today.


Can I access my documents offline as well?

Yes you can! By linking Workspace 365 to OneDrive or SharePoint your files are always available, anywhere and anytime.