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Buy Back

Whenever an organisation refreshes part or all of their asset register it creates the need to dispose of their ‘old’ equipment.

ITBG can either purchase from you or manage the environmental disposal of this equipment, dependent upon its age and functionality. We purchase all kinds of IT assets and can usually provide an idea of valuation prior to a site survey through our extensive knowledge across various IT asset classes as well as brands and worldwide network of clients and dealers allowing several different routes to market.

Coupled with our de-installation services and varied secure data disposal options we are able to offer unsurpassed IT hardware lifecycle support and the generous valuations for your defunct assets, as well as peace of mind that your data and environmental obligations have been met. We will supply you with all relevant certificates so you can be sure you have adhered to all WEEE and Data handling directives.

For all your buy back needs please provide us with any relevant information below and we will contact you to help you with any requirements you have.

  • Please provide any information of relevance such as the number of units / type of units / SLA etc