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Purchase of redundant it equipment

We want to purchase your old, defunct or unused IT assets. Whether the items have been used for years or were ordered incorrectly and have been sat in their boxes due to a clerical error or because the project was cancelled we can help you turn those assets into cash or environmentally dispose of defunct assets whose best days have long since passed.

The price that ITBG will pay is dependent upon the quantity and specification of the equipment. The offer that we make will be inclusive of all transport and associated costs. Whether the quantities are large or small we can make you an offer to handle and manage the process of your asset disposal from de-installation, through data destruction, to collection, transport and sale.

All equipment will be cleaned, tested for specification, functionality and electrical safety. In the majority of cases we will be able to offer money back for your assets at the end of the process and if not can almost always guarantee a cost neutral solution.

All data will be removed from the hard drive using the InfoSec approved product, Blancco data cleaner. (See our data security page)

All future responsibility for the equipment will rest with ITBG providing you with complete peace of mind and industry leading service and value. Please let us know if you have any requirements below and we will get in touch to discuss your requirements.

  • Please provide any information of relevance such as the number of units / type of units / SLA etc