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Onsite Data Shredding

Onsite mobile hard drive shredding services are the most secure way to ensure your data is securely disposed of. GreensafeIT can shred HDD’s, DLT tapes, CD’s, USB flash drives and many other media bearing devices. It doesn’t matter if you have 1 or 5,000 devices we are happy to provide a secure and safe service. ITBG’s onsite hard drive destruction and secure shredding service ensures you to keep your information confidential and secure. Our hard drive destruction services are the most secure and cost effective way to permanently destroy your data bearing devices. We have the ability to shred down to 6mm and are standard service is no larger than 11mm shred particles. Our team of security cleared personnel install trust, peace of mind and our solutions complies with the following mandates and standards.
  • HMG Security Policy Framework
  • HMG IA Standard No. 5 – Secure Sanitisation
  • ADISA (Asset Disposal Information Security Alliance)
  • JSP 440 Joint Services Publication
  • Data Protection Act 1998

GreensafeIT’s mobile shredding services ensure that all your confidential information is securely handled at any location you have, removing any risks that can occur when transporting data and devices.

Mobile or onsite shredding services are the only secure way to permanently destroy decommissioned hard disks. Using cutting edge data destruction technology, GreensafeIT utilise shredding units which conform to the most stringent standards and mandates.

GreensafeIT has invested into a state of the art secure mobile sanitisation unit that will meet all data sanitisation requirements within the field.

The mobile unit holds 12 CCTV cameras and is secured with steel re-enforced sidings. The unit holds multiple shredding units to securely destroy hard disk drives and paper within the same secure environment.

Why Choose GreensafeIT for Secure Hard Drive Shredding Destruction Services. Most certified, secure and comprehensive mobile shredding solutions in the market place

  • Ability to process high volumes in one day
  • Highly secure and certified IT recycling business
  • HMG approved shredding solutions
  • All staff have been security vetted and approved
  • Overseen over 3M devices through the IT recycling process
  • Only Mobile ADISA Certified solution in the UK today
  • 65 years combined management experience in the IT recycling industry
  • ISO14001 & ISO9001, ADISA & DIPCOG certified
  • Approved and certified by the Environment Agency

Using cutting edge technology, GreensafeIT utilise shredding units that are fit for purpose and can shred up to 3000 devices a day conforming to the most stringent standards and mandates. Secure hard drive shredding destruction services is the most secure ways to ensure your data destruction and data disposal processes are secure whatever your line of business is. The growing threat of identity fraud means it is now more important than ever to ensure your data destruction and data disposal processes for large volumes of electronic information stored in hard drives is secure and handled by a trusted and respected supplier.

Secure data destruction and data disposal

In addition to hard drives GreensafeIT also accept the following electronic media materials for secure data destruction and data disposal:

  • Backup Magnetic Tapes (any kind DLT, mini cartridges and many more)
  • Floppy Disks (3.5 inch disks, 5.25 inch disks and many more)
  • Zip Disks (100 MB, 250 MB and other large disks)
  • Optical media (CDs, DVDs, Blue Ray and HD DVD)